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Writing this description is like a bad dating site bio. I really don’t want to sell you on my writing, pictures, stories or wet pussy. Check it out for yourself. I write for me. I write for the fun of it. And I write for the uncensored beauty.
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Slutty Halloween or Slutty Everyday?
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 2:56 pm

Halloween has never been my jam. I don't enjoy being scared and I never liked that you needed a snowsuit go out trick or treating. I mean, just buy the fucking candy if you want it. Friends of mine however, LOVE halloween.

They love the freedom dress up in the slutty nurse outfit or the naughty schoolgirl outfit for the night and fulfill their fantasies. I've never understood this.

If I want to put on a school girl outfit without panties on, I will.

If I want to wear a shirt that is overly revealing, I will.

If I want to go and blow and entire football team, I will.

Why do we need a designated night to act out what we know we are? Is it safer? Is it that it's more socially acceptable? If that's the case, why?
Nah Soaks.... only for Halloween
You're right Soaks.... Slut it up, always!
I want to slut it up always, but don't feel like I can
4 Comments , 50 votes
Banging Consequences
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 2:23 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2020 9:43 pm

Post without errors, in the comments

A friend of mine recently let me cruise her online dating app. I had a fucking blast doing it! Right swipe here, left swipe there, a zombie game, random matches... a fucking blast!

Well, surprise! One of the matches I hooked her with, struck a convo and it went perfectly well. She went on the d was super nervous, had an excellent night with the guy and went back his place. The next morning, she heads work, he heads work and they carry texting.

Nothing outrageous, nothing sinister.... and then it changes.

Dude comes back and says... "so i just got tested and I have xxxxx. You should go and get tested as well."

My friend starts , freaking out because it went from that simple , " you must have given it ," and the blame game. I told her that I think it's important for him to have sent the first , but the second was uncalled for. She was mortified at the idea that she was "dirty."

Guys - it took a week get her calmed down. She went for testing and came back negative for the things, but the damage was done. For that time frame, she felt ashamed and angry at this dude.

When is enough, enough? I will fully admit, I get tested every months be the safe side and have never had a test come back positive (knock wood), but I'd like think I wouldn't be as petty as this guy if it did come back positive. We make the choice bang. We make the choice do it while knowing there are consequences those actions. We do it while weighing those consequences out.

I don't feel that his behavior and accusatory demeanor was acceptable. Am I wrong here? How would you tell someone about a positive result?
What's Your Process?
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 2:06 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 2:55 pm

Post without errors, in the comments

Man, times are a changin eh?

I ended watching "You've Got " with Tom Hanks last night and I had a good chuckle at the entire thing. Do you remember dial ? AOL? rooms? ASL? The sound of the dial as you waited for the connection ? The two main characters met in a room and then proceeded email back and forth with one another and eventually, decided meet.

For me, my process is pretty tight. I even went so far as outline it the blog here. There really, is no reason not meet the criteria (for the most part). That being said, there are always ways improve.

What do you do? What works and what doesn't work? What would you suggest newbies do keep themselves safe? I mean, at the end of the day, you need look out for you. Did your process change with covid?

I think overall, we are constantly evolving and generally doing the best we can. So tell , how did you evolve over the last few months?
Does Sex Equal Love?
Posted:Oct 14, 2020 10:43 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2020 9:42 pm

I have always held onto a set of beliefs in my life that I stand by. One of those beliefs is that sex does not equal love. That I might be in a relationship with one person, but if an indiscretion happens - it really shouldn't be the end of the world. Lives shouldn't be shattered or rocked. I don't believe humans were made to be monogamous and with one person for the entirety of their life.

That being said, I know that not everyone agrees with my belief system. I know that I'm a little offside with a lot of my beliefs and my generally centrist ideologies. In this specific instance though, hear me out.

If I am in a relationship, I am in that relationship because I adore the majority of things about that person. They way they listen when I talk, the cuddles as we go to sleep, the willingness to engage, their laugh, the way they look at me, their abilities as a human. I am in that relationship, regardless of their flaws. Some may say in spite of, but I believe flaws are a huge part of what makes a human, human. So, regardless of the persons flaws - i'm in.

This doesn't mean that I wouldn't sit in a pub and think another human is good looking. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't think about their dick or how they would fuck. It doesn't mean that I don't continue to fantasize about people outside of my relationship with this one person. My person.

If I choose to have a one night stand, casual sex with a random or friend, or make the decision to mutually masturbate with that person - why is that a problem? I still make the choice to be with my person. To go home to the one I love. To wake up and have breakfast and coffee with that person.

Sex does not equal love. Sex is a basic human instinct that we all have and should embrace. So why is it so taboo? Why should we be denying our basic instincts, when in reality - it is who we are?

Thoughts? Let's get an active discussion going.
No, monogamy is where it's at
You're wrong. Sex does equal love
Sex and love are separate things
You're right Soaks, Keep on bangin'
It's complicated
32 Comments , 447 votes
Fill My Cunt
Posted:Oct 6, 2020 3:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 12:52 pm

It had been a long day. All eyes were on us as we made our way through meetings, transportation venues and conversations. “It’s exhausting” he said. Being “on” all the time is more draining than you’d expect. For both of us, this was normal. Being on and having be cordial in public everyone. Winding down, became a ritual for us. It wasn’t anything outrageous. Just basic scrolling, music in the background or movies. This evening, it was a movie.

The lights were turned down low, bottle of water in hand and the tv on.

“What do you want watch?” He asked, not really paying attention.

“Doesn’t matter. Something I don’t have attention , would be great.”

be honest, I can’t recall what he chose. It was so inconsequential that the entirety of that couple hours, escapes . What sticks with , even after all this time, was the calmness that I felt. That right then, this was where I needed be. In that chair, in that room, watching that movie with that person. What also stuck with me, was that I was wet, just sitting next him.

Somehow, he always did this. The non-verbal cues, the physical cues and the linguistic approach would drench my cunt. Maybe it was the vibes. Maybe it was the loo Maybe it was that he could tell I wanted nothing more than feel his cock buried inside . He knew.

The movie ends, I check the doors and decide that I need cool down before going bed. I mention that I’m going have a shower and make my way the washroom calm down. I get in the shower, rinse off the day and found myself reaching down my clit. Running my finger through my cunt lips, opening them up, massaging them between my finger tips and catching my breath as I move faster and faster.

Fuck I got in the shower calm down, not get excited again.

I come back reality and turn the taps off. Wrapping the towel around my chest so it catches the dampness of my hair, I unlock the door. The lights are down except for one in the bedroom. As I leave the washroom, I can see him there waiting for .

“Why do you have a towel on?” He quietly, but forcefully asks. He doesn’t think he’s on the dominant side, but he completely is. The question wasn’t a question, although it was phrased as one. The question was a statement. A demand of sorts.

I lock eyes with him and sit down on the bed next to him. “I am so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. How can I make it up to you?” My hand moves to his hard cock Slowly moving up and down, gently at first. Cupping his balls, moving over the shaft and back down. His cock begins glisten with pre-cum and he quietly tells me to get on top.

The towel is now on the floor, his head is tilted back and I lower myself onto his hard on. His hands reach up and start massaging my breasts, taking the nipples between his fingers. “God, I love your nipples” he moans as he buries his cock deeper and deeper in my cunt. He thrusts harder and comes up from the bed to take my breast into his mouth. He knows that this will drive me over the edge.

His breathing is quick, I moan as I’m now feeling his cock, balls deep inside me. He reaches around and moves me so I’m laying on my bac He kneels in front of and slides every.last.inch of his cock into . I feel it stretch me open, pulling my cunt lips apart and beginning to gape my wet hole.

As my cunt adjusts to being stretched open, I can feel his cock getting bigger inside . I beg him "fill my cunt, please. Fuck that hole and fill up.” He groans as my hand reaches up and grabs hold of his chest. “I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Let cum all over your cock” I say over, and over. I want explode on his dick as he’s sliding in and out of .

“You better fucking cum then” he says back as his thrusts get faster and faster. My grip tightens, my cunt pulses and I can feel myself tightening as I cum hard on his cock He doesn’t let up with his thrusts as I come down. He keeps going, looking down at me as I wither beneath him. My legs shaking.

“Put your hands over your head” he demands. Like the good girl I am, I do. With one motion, his cock is now in my mouth as he fills my mouth with his cum. God, it’s so much cum.

He falls onto the bed, while my legs continue to chatter from the orgasm.

“Well, that shower was pointless” he says as he smiles back at me.
It’s Been A Hot Minute
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 12:52 pm


Isn’t it mind blowing how time seems to simply slip by? Minutes turn to hours, to days, to months and years.

Well.... in all the time it’s been since I’ve been active on here, I have built up a ton more posts, photos and stories!

I need to apologize to you all for my lack of communication. Life somehow got in the way and I’ve recently realized how much I miss my uncensored, slutty escape from reality. So, I’m back.

For those who don’t know me - I’d suggest starting by going through my past posts. I’m blunt, wet as fuck and pretty witty. So, thanks for waiting for me. And for those who haven’t been waiting - well, hello!


To link to this blog (im_soaking_wet) use [blog im_soaking_wet] in your messages.

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