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Leegs2012 46M
37433 posts
3/11/2018 10:09 am

Yes, I love Sindays!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

2Saltie2 62F  
854 posts
3/11/2018 10:20 am

Sunday is just another day for me. I work 14 hours four days a week. Then Fri night to Mon morning. No day off. Nobody to take my place. After being out of work almost half a year its good to be working again. Plus my week days are free for things can't do at night.

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pleaser3909 48M
13 posts
3/11/2018 10:51 am

sunday fun day

TuAmor06 58M
49 posts
3/11/2018 11:27 am

Sunday's are a great day to recharge! Usually a day I do not plan anything. Take the day as it comes.

marysia4u 63F  
15207 posts
3/11/2018 10:08 pm

I work every 2nd Sunday. The other Sunday I catch up with a friend for lunch, then we go shopping.

author51 56F  
69617 posts
3/12/2018 12:40 am

If I do get a Sunday off, it is a complete day of rest for me.Yesterday I stayed in my PJ's the entire day,sat and read for a while and had a two hour nap on the couch in the afternoon...I Love Sundays...

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Wantingsexymind2 48F  
12661 posts
3/12/2018 2:27 am

I like all days equally and they are pretty much the same for me. I wake up to gratitude thoughts, do yoga, eat breakfast.....carry on with my day, and end it with dinner, yoga and gratitude thoughts.

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mid_ga_male 64M  
47 posts
3/12/2018 1:47 pm

Love Sundays mid-Feb to mid_Nov-------NASCAR SEASON

TravelingMan524 66M  
234 posts
3/12/2018 9:07 pm

Sunday is a great day if I don't have to work. Church, lunch with family and a nap.

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